Integration of Ayahuasca and other Psychedelic Experiences

I am deeply called into service with individuals working with Ayahuasca and other sacred plant medicines. Through integration coaching I am here to assist you step into and/or process through your transformational experience and expansive state of consciousness in a way that can help you access more meaning and healing into your everyday life. Integration with psychedelics is only recently gaining momentum in the psycho-spiritual plane of those working with entheogens. Through preparation and integration we are able to optimize our expansive experiences and full potential, carrying it into meaningful growth and change into our daily lives.

If you are looking to start your journey, I am here to help you prepare for the experience as we focus on your intention and gain deeper connection with your inner resources. If you have already started your work with enthogenic medicines, I am here to be with you in the unpacking, processing, and meaning-making of your experience, while also working collaboratively to identify some incredibly helpful and supportive integration tools to bring practical application of your experience to your everyday life. For those feeling called to the process, working with psychedelics and sacred plant medicine is an incredibly humbling and powerful way to gain deep healing and release, gain profound insight and clarity, and create grounded and empowering shifts in life.

It would be an honor to stand with you as you take steps forward on your path towards deeper self-knowledge, psycho-spiritual expansion, and conscious individuation.

“Whole Hearted” by Visionary Artist Amanda Thomas. View more of her paintings at and

“Whole Hearted” by Visionary Artist Amanda Thomas. View more of her paintings at and

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Selva Healing Therapies provides integration coaching as a means of deepening inner healing and harm-reduction, and does not promote or facilitate the use, sale, or purchase of any illegal substances.